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Visits 2023  

Times et prices

Visits 2023  

Times et prices

Visit of the castle 


Guided tours of the interior of the castle 1 hour
from June to September without reservation. Departure of the visit on the bridge crossing the moat in front of the châtelet


Sunday 11 June and Sunday 25 June

Start at 10:00 and at 16:00


Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays start at 10:00 and at 16:00

Sunday 9 July and Sunday 23 July start at 10:00 and at 16:00


Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays start at 10:00 and at 16:00

Sunday 13 August and Sunday 27 August start at 10:00 and at 16:00


Sunday 10 September start at 10:00 and at 16:00

European Heritage Days 16 and 17 September 2023

Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (closing at 6 p.m.).

Departures of guided tours will leave every quarter of an hour

Out of season visits

It is possible to organise group visits out of season

at a minimum rate of €100

Booking: 06 50 12 41 70

Guided tour - prices

Guided tours of the castle interiors include

also access to the park after the visit

  • 8 €: Normal rate 

  • 4 €: Reduced rate (handicapped, jobless and between ​7 and 25 years old​)​ 

  • 6 €: Group (minimum of 10 people)

  • Free for children up to 6 years old

  • 4 €: European Heritage Days



Walk in the park 


Walk in the domain of ​​La Rivière (350 acres),
entry (at the latest 1 hour before closing) and exit are from

the Moulin de Boizard at the Bar de la Rivière


Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays

from 11:30 to 20:00

Every day from 11:30 to


Saturdays, Sundays

from 11:30 to 20:00

Bar de La Rivière

Open from May to September

Hot and cold drinks and "homemade" snacks

(panini, croque-monsieur and desserts)

For more information about the Bar de La Rivière

Park access - price

Access and payment for walks in the 350 acres park

take place at the Bar de La Rivière located at the Moulin de Boizard​


  • 3 €: fixed price 

  • Free for children up to 6 years old

History of the Château de La Rivière

A preserved set

The Château de La Rivière is an elegant early 17th century ensemble that has been little modified for four centuries. The construction of the buildings took place between 1617 and 1643. The architecture is simple and harmonious, using local materials from Grison, Roussard stone and bricks. The castle is built lengthwise, most of the rooms being crossed by light. The outbuildings are laid out in a U, closing off the courtyard in front of the chateau.

The whole is surrounded by partly dry moats around the outbuildings and interior courtyards and partly in water at the foot of the parterre. This part overlooks a network of canals dug at the same time as the construction of the castle and fed by the Eure. This passes between the castle and the star-shaped park.

On the other side of the Eure are the Vineyard, a plot used for wine production until the 18th century and the Parc de l'Etoile.

A first wall enclosure surrounds an area of ​​43 ha. The entire layout of this 17th century park (Louis XIII), of alleys, canals, walls, still exists today. A second enclosure surrounds the enlarged park of 140 ha, including the mill of Boizard and the rest of the wooded park.

The cradle of the d'Aligre family

The Château de La Rivière was built by the Chancellors of Aligre. The first Chancellor (Etienne II) began construction and died there in December 1635, a few years after his disgrace by Richelieu. His son, Etienne III d'Aligre devoted himself to the service of Louis XIV, receiving at the end of his career the office of Chancellor of France, as his father had been for Louis XIII. He completed the construction of the castle and the realization of the park that we know today.

The Château de La Rivière remained the property of the Aligre family until 1926 (apart from a brief period during the Revolution). It has had different owners since. There followed several divisions and a fragmentation of the initial domain.

During the Second World War, it housed a school for young girls. Between 1954 and 2009, it was owned by a well-known family in film production and distribution. Many film personalities often came there, such as Michel Audiard, Jean Gabin and Lino Ventura.

Since 2009

The family who owns the castle since 2009 has begun restoration work there, starting with the roofs, facades, moats and gardens.

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LA RIVIERE 5 (1968)
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