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Current and future projects

One of the charms of the River is the immense variety and richness of the potentialities it conceals. The ambition is to develop several projects that complement and enrich each other:

Based on the strengths of the area,

   Exceptional natural and landscape ensemble

   High-quality architecture staged in this untouched natural setting

   Near Chartres and the Paris region

By remaining guided by strong principles,

   Respect for the authenticity of the place in the fittings and decoration

   Respect for nature in the activities developed and the methods of organization adopted

   Strong desire to preserve all its brilliance to this privileged place and to share it


In black the existing projects and in gray the future projects:


Guest rooms, furnished tourists, cabins in the woods


Bar de la Rivière, creperie / pizzeria at the Moulin de Boizard, gourmet restaurant

Sports, leisure and well-beeing  

     Tennis, swimming pool, fishing, hunting, bow, canoë, walks, spa, horse riding, fitness trail

Nature et biodiversité

 Woods, gardens, flore spécifique, wild and domestic animals, vegetable garden- orchard, permaculture, agroforestry


Concerts, theatre, festivals, exhibitions, métiers d’art...


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