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Sleep in the room of the Chancellor of Aligre

Exceptional guest room 1h30 from Paris


Area: 56m²

Accommodation for one to two people


180cm bed.

Cotton sateen sheet, pillows and feather duvet


9m² on the same landing


Shower, clawfoot bathtub, 2 sinks, toilet


View of the park and the main courtyard. 

Night rate

240€/night excluding tourist tax. 

Gourmet breakfast included

Host table

​Dinner at 8 p.m. in the Aligre salon

  • 48€ - Adult menu (starter - main course - dessert)

  • 24€ - Children's menu up to 8 years old

  • A la carte wines and spirits

Services included



Access to the park

Bike, boat and canoe loan

Swimming pool (May to October)

Optional services


  • 95€ - 1 hour massage for one person in the room

  • 180€ - massage for 2 people in the room

The master bedroom of the castle

The firstchancellor of Aligre, and his descendants have always appreciated this room ideally located in the center of the castle, enjoying an extraordinary view of the estate. 


Although the castle has no longer been owned by dignitaries and plenipotentiaries since the 1950s, new dynasties have recognized the calm and tranquility offered by the La Rivière estate. Whether to prepare for a role, to rest after a shoot or promotion, many legends of French cinema have resided at the Château de La Rivière,Jean Gabin, Lino Ventura, Michel Audiard not being the least. 


During his many retreats to the castle, the Chancellor's room had his preferences.    

A preserved story whose continuation remains to be written

Château de La Rivière is rich in a complex and still glorious heritage. We are committed to doing him justice and honor.

Our restoration work has enabled the rooms to meet all the modern criteria of luxury accommodation, while restoring a romantic and grandiose period atmosphere. Furniture and decorations are the fruit of passionate historical research whose aesthetics in no way sacrifice comfort.  

More than a stay in an extraordinary place, we hope that the soul of the castle will inhabit you and that you will become an enthusiastic participant in its new life.

Table d'hôtes for residents

Lovers of French cuisine, we hope to please you with quality dishes.

Meals are served in the Aligre lounge from 8 p.m. on an individual table

We offer two options:

           “Gourmet” table d’hôte at 48€ per adult, 24€ per child up to 10 years old,

           Wines and spirits are on the menu

           This menu includes a starter, a main course, cheese and a dessert.

           “Countryside” table d’hôte at 28€ per adult, 18€ per child up to 10 years old,

           Wines and spirits are on the menu

           This menu includes cold meats, salad, cheese and dessert.


In the summer, we offera picnic to take away at €19 per person. All our dishes are entirely homemade using fresh produce. Dishes can be adapted according to intolerances or specifications following your request.

The table d'hôtes must be reserved no later than 48 hours in advance.



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Guestroom ? No ! A dream come true: you are transported into History. The remarkable decor, the good taste of the furniture that surrounds you, you are in the 17th century. You expect to listen to the sound of a carriage, the neighing of horses, the barking of the packs waiting for you to explore the marvelous park around a superb castle. The table is like the frame. To know it is to adopt it. An unforgettable night or weekend leaves you wanting to come back.

Philippe de P. Google Review Oct 2023

Come for the room, enjoy the park and surroundings 

What would a guest castle be without activity?The castle park is full of incredible potential for those who want to relax or, on the contrary, get active.Whether you want to stroll or play sports, we have listed all the possibilities.

Outside of the domain, our region,  Eure et Loir, is rich in a cultural heritage worthy of attention as well as leisure infrastructures which will delight young and old. 

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