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Activities at the Château de La Rivière
Opening on 1st October 2023

The castle, the 350 acres park, the river, the canals and the ponds of the Château de La Rivière allow many activities, relaxation, sports or discovery of nature.

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Visit of the castle

The Château de La Rivière allows you to discover a set of the beginning of the 17th century very preserved over the centuries. The architecture and interior decoration are in harmony.



Paths in the park are easily passable for "running". It is also possible to go around the outside of the estate by small public roads with little traffic (6.5 km).


Walk in the park

The 350 acres park offers a preserved natural setting to the castle. You can enjoy the rich fauna and flora of the place by walking along the canals, the Eure and in the woods.


Swimming pool

The indoor swimming pool (14 m) is heated and available from May 1 to September 30. You can also enjoy its large sunny terrace.

Boat or canoe ride

Romantic stroll or discovery of aquatic fauna. Boats and canoes are at your disposal on the Boizard pond, the Eure which crosses the park and the canals surrounding the castle

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Board games and books

Library and board games, chess, cards are at your disposal in the grey salon or your bedroom.



A tennis court is at your disposal. You may play best with your own gear. Otherwise, we have rackets and balls available.


Fly fishing

Teasing trout or hooking pike? Fly fishing is possible on the Boizard pond, the river and the canals (you must bring your own equipment; we can manage the federal card for you on request in advance - only necessary on the rivers; the pond is in private water).


Fauna and flora

The very significant presence of water (ponds and streams), the variety of the natural environment and the absence of nuisance make the Domaine de La Rivière a privileged place for fauna and flora. Wildlife is abundant on land, in the water and in the air. Various migratory birds (e.g. black storks) stay there temporarily. Some rare species of birds (for example the Osprey, melodious linnet, faucon hobereau), rare dragonflies and butterflies are observed there. We will be able to share with you on site a first inventory recently made of animal biodiversity.

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